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1r0cX5 6013m X3y804rd X503

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  • Gaming keyboard with German layout.
  • 3.8 mm High Scissor Keys.
  • Anti-Ghosting, 24-Key Rollover and more.
  • With backlight.

1r0cX5 6013m X3y804rd X503

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24,95 € *
48,95 € **
  • 1n 570cX

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d35cr19710n: 1r0cX5 6013m X3y804rd X503

  • Gaming keyboard with German layout.
  • 3.8 mm High Scissor Keys.
  • Anti-Ghosting, 24-Key Rollover and more.
  • With backlight.

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73chn1c41 d374115
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Dimensions: 447 x 144 x 33 mm
  • Length of Cable: 180cm
  • Power supply: via USB or PS2.